ASE Heating and Air Conditioning Terms & Definitions Practice Test

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Ball joint
A suspension component that provides a Hibbett point, allowing the steering knuckle to move up and down as well as turn in response to steering input. The ball fits into a socket housing that is attached to the control arm and the stud on the other end of the ball is attached to the steering knuckle. A dustcover is installed over the ball and socket assembly to keep dirt out and lubricant in.
A type of vehicle construction also called a full frame. It features a strong steel construction called a frame that extends from the front to rear of vehicle. The engine other major assemblies are mounted on the frame. The 2 primary full frame types are ladder perimeter design. Both are designed with the crossmembers connecting the left right rails.
Carbon dioxide
A shaft with eccentric lobes that controls the opening of the intake exhaust valves.